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How to make money on Audible

You’ve probably spent a lot of time listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content but have you ever thought how to make money on audible? Well, it’s possible!

In this blog post, we are going to share with you how to make money on Audible. We will go over the different ways that you can monetize your existing or future content through this platform and provide you with valuable resources and tips that will help increase your earning potential. 

So grab some popcorn and get ready to explore the world of Audible audio monetization!

Create Audiobooks:

Earning money on Audible, the ultimate platform for audiobook enthusiasts has never been easier! With a few simple steps and some creative flair, you can make money producing your own audiobooks for a vast audience of potential listeners. All it takes is the willingness to make your dreams of becoming an author come true and a little bit of help from Audible’s resources. 

Jump in and start creating your first audiobook today – in no time you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with your innovative work! You can make audiobooks or if you have a book you could sell audio versions to earn money off that or you can even make a free audiobook and gain traffic to your website. 

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There are 5 easy steps to create an audiobook on Audible:

Step 1: Finding the best keyword

Whether it’s improving your liver function, refreshing your gut health, or juicing up your lifestyle, everyone wants to know the latest information on healthy living. However, not everyone has the time to read related books and magazines. That’s where audiobooks come in! 

An audible version of a book fueled by an interest in “liver cleansing,” “gut health” and other related topics can create significant profit in the long run with a highly reasonable keyword on Amazon’s Audible platform. 

Thanks to advanced algorithms and natural language processing technology available on Audible, you can easily find the perfect section to sell audio versions of your books that meets the necessary criteria for success with minimal competition and make some extra cash for yourself.

Step 2: Hiring a Ghostwriter

We still need to publish a book’s print or digital edition before creating an audiobook version. Writing a book is a formidable task. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced wordsmith, crafting a lengthy story takes time and patience. 

For those who don’t have the energy or resources to write their own book, hiring professionals to do it for them is the obvious solution. Thankfully, there are multiple avenues to take advantage of; professional ghostwriters and sites like FiverrUpwork, and ProBlogger can all be used to find freelance writers who will work with you to create stories that satisfy your vision. 

You may pay more than if you did it yourself, but the amount of effort it saves is tremendous – giving you more time for editing, marketing, and promoting your work. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to bring your book crawling into reality, consider outsourcing at least part of the process!

Step 3: Creating a Cover

If you’re looking to create the perfect book cover, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Those with some experience in graphic design can use their skills to make a wonderful cover, while those without such talents can avail themselves of freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork to source someone else qualified to do the job.

In either case, you’re free from the hassles of an expensive design agency or lengthy design process – all that stands between you and a professional book cover is just a few dollars. So whatever your skill level, there’s no excuse for not having your dream book cover today!

Step 4: Hire a Narrator

Narrating audiobooks can be challenging for some as you’ll need a proper setup and you must be efficient in variable narration speeds and have a great voice to create audiobooks. If you want to narrate your book yourself, go right ahead! But if you feel as though your own talents aren’t quite up to scratch, Amazon’s ACX – Audiobook Creation Exchange or other audiobook distributors, service can help in narrating audiobooks for you.

Here, you’ll find a wealth of experienced narrators, sorted by categories such as Male/Female and accent so that it’s easy to find the ideal fit for your audiobook. Sample recordings from each narrator will give you an idea of their abilities but if you’re still not sure, why not request an audition? A few simple messages back-and-forth and you could be closer to securing someone to narrate your masterpiece! 

The fee for this service can range from $100-$300 per finished hour and is certainly worthwhile if you want your audiobook to reach its fullest potential.

Step 5: Publish on Audible and Promote

After your masterpiece has been narrated, it’s time to make it live on Audible and then start the process of promoting it! 

With ACX, you get 50 promotional codes that you can easily distribute to your friends so they can download the audible book and listen offline for free. Not only will a download be recorded as a sale, but the more downloads you have, the higher your book ranks on Audible. That means more real sales for you! 

You can also promote your audiobook projects elsewhere like on blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, or social media accounts – basically, anywhere that is sure to grab the attention of potential readers. You can also engage with Influencers and other online businesses to promote all your fresh releases and other audible products. 

So don’t be shy – treat yourself and your masterpiece to the exposure that it deserves!

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Audible Affiliate Program

Harness the power of Audible to make money with audible affiliate program aka Audible Creator Program! By simply promoting products or services relevant to your audience, you can make a passive income and make a great living. 

Becoming an affiliate on Audible is a great way to make money on audible platform – all you have to do is go to their website and sign up with an affiliate link, then add it to your content on blogs, social media, email lists, etc. 

When people purchase items through the link provided, they make some additional cash! Turning your followers into buyers has never been less hassle and more rewarding. Plus, over time this could be an excellent secondary (or primary!) source of income for you. It’s worth giving it a try! 

Audible is a great way to expand your knowledge and entertainment with audiobooks! With the audible free trial of 30-days, you can choose from an Audible original or one of the classics to get started. Once your trial is over, you can either cancel your audible membership or upgrade to any audible subscription. 

For example, their Audible Premium Plus subscription for $14.95 per month includes 1 credit for premium selection titles plus their entire catalog of thousands of best-sellers, originals, podcasts and more. If you require more credits, then there are even more plans available from $22.95 per month for two credits up to $229.50 for 24 credits a year! 

With plenty of options available at an affordable price, Audible makes it easy to take listening seriously. 

How can you affiliate as an Audible Affiliate?

Provide Natural Value to your Listeners:

Audible offers a perfect platform for sponsoring your podcast content from your own account. With millions of audible audiobooks and audio stories to choose from, Audible allows you to find entertaining and engaging options that your listeners will love. From the newest bestsellers to classic literature, there’s something for everyone in the audiobook market! 

Accessing the world’s largest collection of titles has never been easier, providing you with an unbeatable selection that appeals to all of your listeners and lets them ready audiobooks on audible effortlessly. By partnering with Audible, you’re able to provide a great experience that encourages exploration and discovery.

Offer Free Audiobooks to your Listeners:

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether it’s a free sample of your favorite flavor at a food show or the newest game released on the internet, we all get excited about free things. If you’re an author, speaker, influencer, professional narrator in audiobook industry or a content creator in the book publishing world, there’s something special for you. 

A 30-day free trial membership for Audible can help you up your game and increase reader conversion by giving your audience access to relevant books without any cost initially. Curate recommendations through articles on your blog, mention books during podcasts or create book reviews on YouTube and tell your audience they can listen to books using Audible?

And did we mention they can do it for free? It doesn’t just end there; don’t forget to include an affiliate link that will earn profits while helping promote relevant books. What could be better?

Make Money without Selling Audiobooks:

If you’re an avid reader or audiobook fan, then why not use your passion to create a fun and lucrative passive income stream with Audible affiliate program? It’s as simple as providing a free trial of Audible audio services with your custom URL. Your job is easy – just mention the trial and leave the rest up to Audible. Not only will you be passing on knowledge to your listeners and giving them valuable access to a quality service, but you’ll also be getting rewarded for it! 

For every individual who sign up for audible membership plan, you earn money which will be paid via check or direct bank deposit. It does not have to be a monthly subscription for Audible Premium, you get paid for generating an Audible free trial membership. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and share this amazing opportunity with the world and start earning some extra passive income today!

Sell Audible Products and Services

Making money on Audible doesn’t need to be a complicated endeavor as its a simple business model. For existing audible members, you record your own audio content in your own voice, and upload the audio files to the platform, you can make money with ease! 

With no need for promotion, all you have to do is make sure your audio file has good audio quality meets the Audible standards and you’ll make a commission for each sale that is made. 

Whether it’s audiobooks of your own, audio versions of books, eBooks or other services – Audible pays out for each item that is sold – meaning more cash in your pocket for earning passive income!

So audible self publishing platform is a great way to make money narrating books as there is a huge market for professional narrators who want to start making money online using their professional narration skills.

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Become a Audiobook Narrator

Earning money by narrating audiobooks on Audible is a great way to make an income while doing something you love. It can be incredibly rewarding to make your own audiobooks of your favorite stories and characters, whilst getting paid for it. 

Through Audible, you can read audiobooks and connect with some of the most renowned authors, publishers, and publishing houses in the world – and earn money every time somebody buys one of your audio files. This is also a great opportunity to build your brand with voice-acting experience and make useful contacts within the professional industry. 

Making money on audible as an Audiobook Narrator

As a narrator, you have the ability to make money as you narrate audiobooks in a number of different ways. Per-Finished-Hour (PFH) pays you a fixed rate for recording the entire book. They would then receive a flat rate fee regardless of how many copies are sold. 

For Royalty Share, narrators split royalties from sales with either the author or the book rights holder and benefit from long-term profits due to evergreen books that don’t go out of fashion. Finally, there is Royalty Share Plus which is essentially a combination of PFH and royalty share – giving the narrator the advantages of both types of payment. 

Whatever approach you prefer, audiobook narration opens new opportunities to earn money for talented self-employed professionals. Audible is indeed a great self publishing platform to earn money and get paid with a direct deposit – hassle free.

So why not take the plunge and become a narrator on Audible today?

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Tips for Successful Audio Books Narration:

Invest in the right Instruments: 

Audiobooks can be a great way to tell stories and engage audiences in an exciting way, but they require the right equipment as quality control is very important. Having the right mic as well as a good audio recording software is the key; it needs to be able to capture sound clearly and accurately. 

Poor audio quality can lead to echoes or background noise that interrupts a listener’s experience, making it difficult for them to stay immersed in your story. By taking the time to research and purchase a high-quality mic, you can ensure that listeners will hear your audiobook as you intended it—clearly and without distractions. 

Doing so will make the difference between having a decent audiobook and creating something truly remarkable.

Read while you are standing up:

As an audiobook narrator, capturing the essence of a story with your voice is key to putting listeners at ease and keeping their attention. Concentrate on projecting your voice from your diaphragm – this will increase sound quality and make sure that the details in the story don’t become muffled. 

Make it a habit to stand while narrating – not only will this encourage good posture, but a slight arching of the back can help you open up your chest cavity and further expand your range. 

Don’t forget to breathe deeply between lines, even if it means taking a few seconds pause here and there; this keeps things light by helping prevent speeding up or pausing too much – both of which run the risk of losing your audience.

Avoid Dairy Products and Coffee:

Staying hydrated while recording is essential in order to sound your best. Many of us have become accustomed to drinking coffee or eating cheese to wake up and relax before we record, yet this may be more detrimental than helpful.Coffee will dry out your mouth and milk products like cheese can give you phlegm – making it difficult to speak clearly into the microphone. Instead, try drinking a glass of water about thirty minutes before you start recording. 

This simple switch will help you avoid the unwanted side effects of other caffeinated beverages or dairy products and make sure that the audio recorded is of the highest quality possible. 

make money on audible

If you wanted to know how to make money on audible, you must have your answer now so sign up today and start to make money on audible. 

There are many ways to make money on Audible. Audible offers an affiliate program, a platform to sell your own audiobook, or create content for the platform. By understanding how Audible works and what users are looking for, you can create a compelling offer that resonates with users and leads to conversions. 

You can make money on Audible but their are other alternatives such as iTunes, Amazon, and even Google Play where you can create your own audiobooks so you listeners can enjoy all sorts of other spoken word entertainment along with Audible products on smartphones.

If you’re interested in to make money on Audible, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals! 

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