Is Publishers Clearing House Legit or a Scam?

You’ve been eagerly entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes with high hopes for decades. And one fine day, it happens – a phone call announcing that you, in fact, have won the jackpot! But wait, before you get too excited to claim your prize, make sure you know the full picture of what to expect from this amazing opportunity.

Knowing the ins and outs of how to claim your prize correctly and quickly is important, but you should also take the time to explore this question: “Is Publishers Clearing House legit?”

This will help you to be fully prepared and enjoy the winnings without any worries or confusion.

is publishers clearing house legit

What is Publishers Clearing House?

Have you ever seen those TV commercials with giant cheques and ecstatic winners? You might be wondering, is Publishers Clearing House legit? Well, let me tell you – it absolutely is! Publishers Clearing House is a legitimate sweepstakes company that has been awarding prizes to lucky winners for over 60 years.

Essentially, it works by offering promotions and sweepstakes through direct mail, online advertising, and personal visits to contestants’ homes. No purchase is necessary to enter these sweepstakes, so anyone can participate for the chance to win big. Winners receive their prize in the form of a check or direct deposit, which can range anywhere from a few dollars to millions of dollars.

So, if you’re feeling lucky, give Publishers Clearing House a try and you just might be the next big winner!

But before you do, read this blog post first and then decide for yourself whether you want to be a part of this large community or not.

is publishers clearing house legit

Is Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes a Scam?

A very obvious question would be: Is Publishers Clearing House legit? I’m glad to hear that you’re curious about it! You’ll be happy to know that Publishers Clearing House is a legitimate company that doesn’t engage in any scamming activities. Since its establishment in 1967, Publishers Clearing House has been spreading joy and happiness by holding sweepstakes that have resulted in over $315 million in prizes for winners across the U.S.

Unfortunately, some bad actors have been impersonating the iconic sweepstakes company and trying to scam unsuspecting individuals. It’s essential to note that these swindlers are not associated with Publishers Clearing House in any way. They might use a few tricks to deceive people into giving them money without providing anything in return.

So please stay alert and remain aware of these scamming schemes to protect yourself and your money!

In the remaining part of the blog, we will tell you how exactly are people scammed by fraudulent companies claiming to be Publishers Clearing House and how to stay alert and educated against it. 

Publishers Clearing House Phone scams:

Attention all seniors in Mississippi! There have been reports of scammers contacting unsuspecting individuals claiming they have won a prize. That’s right, you could be a winner! But before you get too excited, there’s a catch.

These scammers are asking for tax payments upfront before you can claim your prize. And wait, it gets worse. Some of them are even asking for your Social Security number and bank account information. Don’t fall for this trickery!

Be cautious and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe and protect your hard-earned money.

Publishers Clearing House Scam Letters:

Have you heard of the latest scam tactic that fraudsters are using to target unsuspecting individuals? Scammers posing as Publishers Clearing House are not just reaching out via phone calls but have graduated to sending letters as well.

In Minnesota, one hapless person received a letter claiming they had won millions in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes but had to pay $15,000 in taxes to claim their big prize. But that’s not all; these scammers have many other tricks up their sleeves.

Some letters provide a phone number for you to call, where the fraudsters will then request immediate payment in gift cards or cash. They might even try to extract personal information from you, which they can then use to commit identity theft.

Alternatively, scammers might send a large cheque claiming to be your prize money, and request that you cash it and send a portion of the money back to cover fees.

Once you cash the cheque, however, it will bounce, and you’ll be left with nothing but bank fees to pay. So, remember to be vigilant and stay safe from these cunning scams!

is publishers clearing house legit

Signs You Didn’t Win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

Here are some of the obvious signs you need to know before you fall for any scam or fraudulent conversation:

Identifying a Phone Call Scam:

It’s always exciting to win something, but unfortunately, scammers are out there trying to take advantage of that excitement. If you ever get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, be cautious! Don’t give out any personal information and most importantly, hang up immediately. Publishers Clearing House never calls prize winners, so don’t be fooled by these crooks.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep an eye out for any suspicious calls and don’t hesitate to report them. Stay safe, everyone!

Identifying a Mail Scam:

So, you open up your mailbox one day and there it is – a letter from Publishers Clearing House. You’re ecstatic! You must have won big, right? Well, hold on just a second.

Did you know that Publishers Clearing House often sends out letters to inform prize winners before the actual Prize Patrol arrives in town? It’s true! But here’s the catch – they never send out the cheque in the mail. So, if your letter includes a cheque, it’s probably not from Publishers Clearing House.

Keep on dreaming and entering those sweepstakes though, who knows – you might just be the next lucky winner!

is publishers clearing house legit

Some other signs are:

Maybe you never entered the sweepstakes

If you’re a firm believer in the popular adage that goes, “You’ve gotta be in it to win it,” then you understand the importance of entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

Simply put, if you haven’t entered, you simply can’t win! But don’t worry; entering is quite straightforward. You can either mail in your card or fill out the registration form on their website to enter the next drawing and stand a chance to win big.

So go ahead, take a leap of faith, and enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes now!

If you received a cheque larger than $10,000

Let me tell you something exciting! Winning a Publishers Clearing House prize larger than ten grand means you could get a visit from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! Imagine opening the door to find a team with a huge cheque and a bouquet of beautiful roses. Can you believe it?

Plus, sometimes celebrities like Steve Harvey join in on the fun! Keep in mind, you might receive a letter beforehand, but the surprise visit is what makes it so special.

Oh, and please don’t accept any checks worth more than $10,000 unless you know the Prize Patrol is delivering them to you!

If you are asked to send money or gift cards

Protect yourself from scams by watching out for any requests to send money or the solicitation of a bank account or Social Security numbers to claim anything. Remember, you don’t have to pay taxes on your Publishers Clearing House winnings upfront. While you’re required to pay taxes on any winnings, Publishers Clearing House will never ask you for any money as a prerequisite to receiving these funds.

It’s important to note that a Publishers Clearing House representative named Christopher Irving confirmed that at no point will Publishers Clearing House make such requests of any potential participants, as scammers do. Stay vigilant and stay informed to steer clear of scams!

is publishers clearing house legit

After all this, you must be wondering can you really win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?

Are you aware that Publishers Clearing House, a legitimate sweepstakes company, has winners every month? Though, I must say, winning isn’t exactly easy – according to, the odds of winning the lifelong $5,000-a-week prize is 1 in 6.2 billion, and the odds of a one-time cash prize of just $2,500 is roughly 1 in 130 million.

Although the odds might not be in your favor, Publishers Clearing House is currently running sweepstakes where you could win $300,000 every year for 29 years, plus an additional payment of $6.3 million on the 30th year! The odds of winning this grand prize are one in 7.2 billion.

Now, let’s talk about the Powerball jackpot – while the odds of winning are roughly 1 in 292 million, you’ll need to pay to enter. So, why not try your luck with the free sweepstakes at Publishers Clearing House instead? What have you got to lose?

Final Thoughts

Sweepstakes season brings the thrilling excitement of possibly winning great prizes, but it is important to stay safe from scams. The Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes is indeed real, and opting in with the right preparation can make all the difference.

Knowing what flags to look for and how to confirm your prizes from Publishers Clearing House directly will help ensure a smooth experience. Do not send money, gift cards, or share personal information with anyone who may not be from Publishers Clearing House!

Ultimately, by taking the proper precautions and staying informed about what’s legitimate and what might be a scam, you can safely enjoy the contest season while keeping your interests, identity, and money safe.

So if you’re wondering “Is Publishers Clearing House legit?” then rest assured that yes – it definitely is!

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