Remodeled AI: Design Your Ideal Home with Artificial Intelligence

Say goodbye to the days of hiring a designer to spruce up your home interiors. With Remodeled AI, you can achieve your dream home in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Remodeled AI is an AI-powered interior designer that allows you to conceptualize, plan, and renovate indoor living spaces. Additionally, you can simply upload an image of your room, and let the AI assistant take it from there.

However, it’s important to understand how to utilize Remodeled AI effectively and be aware of its limitations in order to make the most out of this tool.

remodeled ai

What is Remodeled AI?

Remodeled AI, also known as Remodeled.AI, is an online freemium tool that generates interior design ideas. It is a new player in the field, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and trained with machine learning and image recognition technology to analyze and interpret visual data. It helps users visualize and optimize personalized designs, enabling them to imagine their own living spaces and explore new possibilities.

Remodeled AI is trained with a vast collection of images, allowing it to analyze your design preferences and suggest complementary styles to achieve your desired look.

You can experiment with various themes, layouts, furniture arrangements, and color schemes until you find your perfect match.

remodeled ai

Features of Remodeled AI

Remodeled AI is an incredibly useful tool for creating and recreating living space designs. It is accessible to anyone with basic internet knowledge and requires minimal assistance. Here are some key features:

Advanced Algorithm:

The Remodeled AI interior design app utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze a room’s dimensions, layout, and existing furnishings to generate stunning and personalized room designs. You can generate 3D models of interior spaces and experiment with different layouts, furniture arrangements, and color palettes.

Personalized Touch:

The AI suggests color schemes, furnishings, and decor items based on your chosen theme, whether it’s modern, contemporary, gothic, industrial, or others.

Remodeled AI provides various categories and offers AI-driven suggestions for complementary styles, furniture, accessories, and materials, allowing you to maximize space utilization and improve traffic flow within a room.

Virtual Staging AI:

Before making any physical changes, you can visualize your newly designed space through various realistic design options. Remodeled AI can analyze lighting conditions and recommend suitable fixtures to enhance the ambiance of your new space.

For instance, it can suggest color palettes and furnishings to add life to a minimalist room.

Free Trial:

Remodeled AI offers a free trial with up to 5 free image generations. If you find the service useful, you can then sign up for a premium package.

Cost Effective:

Remodeled AI currently offers three price tiers tailored for individuals, interior designers, and real estate agents. Each package guarantees a minimum of 100 monthly renders, premium support, and a commercial usage license. By signing up for the pro-month or pro-yearly packages, you gain access to unlimited renders.

Limitations of Remodeled AI

While Remodeled AI offers many useful features, it does have certain limitations. These include:

Lack of Library:

Unlike other AI tools, Remodeled AI does not provide a library of templates, designs, or references for you to choose from. Instead, it relies solely on the image you upload to work with.

Existing Furnishings:

Rather than creating a design from scratch, Remodeled AI mimics the existing furnishings and fixtures in your uploaded image to produce a result. This means it may not be suitable for users seeking a completely fresh and original design.

Limited Image Retouching:

Unlike some other AI tools, Remodeled AI does not offer the option to recreate or retouch the resulting image. If you want to generate a new image with a different theme, you’ll need to start from scratch.

Image Quality Requirements:

To render a helpful result, you must provide a clear and well-lit photo of your room. Additionally, Remodeled AI does not allow the upload of .gif or video files.

Room Dimensions:

Remodeled AI does not provide an option to input room dimensions, which could be useful for remodeling new living spaces.

Referential Results:

The generated results serve as references for visualizing a living space, but Remodeled AI does not provide resources or references to acquire the displayed furnishings and fixtures.

One significant drawback of using AI interior design tools is that they lack the personalized touch of a human interior designer. While Remodeled AI can offer unique perspectives and save time, it may be beneficial to consult an experienced interior designer for more personalized and professional service.

remodeled ai

How to Use Remodeled.AI to Design Your Dream Home

Follow these steps to utilize Remodeled.AI in designing your dream home:

  1. Visit and either log in or create a free account.
  2. Select the “Generate your room” option.
  3. Upload a photo of your room. You have five free image generations to try.
  4. Choose your preferred theme from the available options, such as modern, classic, vintage, gothic, Scandinavian, etc.
  5. Select the room type that matches the photo you uploaded, such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, etc.
  6. Click “Generate” and wait for the AI to render the image.
  7. The result will be displayed alongside your original photo for easy comparison.
  8. If you’re unsatisfied with the result, you can continue generating new results by selecting different themes. You can also download or share the images for reference.

Final Thoughts

Remodeled AI offers unique perspectives, saves time, and provides creative inspiration for designing your ideal home. With the help of AI, you can explore countless possibilities, optimize layouts, and make informed design decisions without breaking the bank.

However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations and consider consulting an experienced interior designer for more personalized and professional service.


Q1. How does Remodeled AI work?

Remodeled AI works by analyzing room dimensions, existing furniture, and user preferences. It applies AI algorithms to suggest layout options, color schemes, furniture arrangements, and more.

Q2. Is Remodeled AI suitable for professional designers?

Yes, Remodeled AI caters to both homeowners and professional designers. It provides a range of features, including space optimization, style recommendations, and collaboration tools to facilitate the design process.

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